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We all have this YOGA FIRE, pranayama, life force, energy, healing potential, happiness (whatever you want it call it!) inside of us, but it's too very often that we rely on external resources to let it come up. I've experienced so many of my friends go through relationships and when they end, their world comes to an end. I've seen them experience the highest highs and the lowest lows, with their happienss levels increading or decreasing in direction correlation of their relationship status. What they are forgetting is that they were perfect before they had this person or job. Instead of relying on others or external things like our spouses, jobs, cars, houses, etc (all of these things are potentially temporary)..., let's work towards a state of happiness regardless of whatever situation we are in. The more you start to practice things that make you feel alive from the inside, the more this fire starts to burn organically, on it's own. We don't need anyone or anything else to allow this happiness to come up. Yes all of these absolutely accentuate our lives, but we can be happy on our own. The more we start to experience this feeling for ourselves, the better we can be in all of our other relationships. The happier we are as a being, the better we can be in all other sitations. It's something that each and every one of us deserve to feel and vibrate on a daily basis. It is a choice that you make everyday. Don't waste another moment unhappy for this is not your practice life. Enjoy the highs as well as the lows because you truly learn something out of every experience.

10 Easy Ways to Happiness-

- Think less, Feel more (Close your eyes and focus soley on your breath. Start to breathe deeper.)

- Complain less, Appreciate more.

- Fear less, Love more.

- Don't sweat the small stuff, life goes on.

- Don't take life or yourself too seriously.

- Catch some vitamin D.

- Go for a walk.

- Give someone or yourself a compliment.

- Laugh. (laughing is one of the highest forms of remaining present... when you are laughing there's no possibly way to focus on anything else in that moment)

- Be gratful.

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