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Feeling low on energy? Here's ways to increase energy instantly!

My purpose in life or greater picture is not just to inspire myself, my friends or family, but to inspire humanity as whole. I'm always here to inspire others to live their healthiest, happiest life and I truly believe that health is now being measured by how much energy we have to live our lives.

Good health doesn't mean achieving an exact weight, clothing size, or washboard abs; health is all about the amount of energy we have to live and to perform. That doesn't mean that those aren't wonderful goals to have, but that shouldn't be our main focus. If we can focus on being healthy, happy, and having lots of energy, those other aspects will follow naturally!

Increase your energy:

1. MOVE YOUR BODY BABY! It all starts here. If you can walk or bike instead of drive to a destination, do that, or try a few stretches, jumping jacks, push-ups, or even a quick sexy-time sesh to get the heart pumping.

2. Open your window or step outside for some fresh-air. Once you're there, take in full complete energetic breaths. Your body needs oxygen to function properly, so the deeper you breathe the more energy/the better your body can function.

3. Get upside-down! Inversions give you an instant energy boosting feel. Try a standing forward fold, downdog, supported shoulder stand, headstand, or handstand!

4. Call a friend or someone who you will be sure to laugh with!

5. LAUGH- laughing is one of the very few things that we do in which we are "present". Similar to any extreme emotion, when we are laughing we aren't thinking about anything else. When we laugh, we are truly in the moment and this is so good for us! How many times have you heard laughter is the greatest medicine?

6. Eat a small meal full of color and nutrients. They way you eat can be considered as disease prevention or disease promotion. A meal shouldn't make you feel bloated, weighed down, or like you have to take a nap after. A small meal loaded with nutrients with have you feeling light, free, and compeltely energized!

7. Give someone a genuine compliment. It feels just as good, if not better, to give love than to receive.

8. Put on your favourite tune and start vibing or dancing to what moves you! "Work, work, work...."

9. Facetime a lover or friend that you haven't talked to in a while! BE SPONTANEOUS!

10. Drink A (one) cup of coffee. Whole foods coffee, especially gives the best boost! Try not to add sugary or dairy filled milk, creams, or sweeteners.

11. Plan a date. Even if it's with someone you haven't met yet. Always have fun things to look forward to.

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