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Live Extraordinary in 2016

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

-Oscar Wilde

Why just exist when you were born to be magnificent? You CAN do so much more than simply exist. Be the BEST at whatever you are doing, because how you do anything is how you do everything. Make the most of your being and take yourself to the highest level of your existence. The world will be a better place for it.

With one day left of a very eventful 2015, I’m sitting here on a plane from Proserpine back to Melbourne, Australia thinking I need to share whatever is on my mind. I have been fortunate enough in my lifetime to be raised by Bernie Marconi, one of the top franchisee owners and hardest working men, that I can say, anyone has ever met. I was also fortunate enough to be coached by two of the number one cheerleading coaches not only in the State of Michigan, but also in the entire United States of America, Susan Wood (top coach in MI) and Tony Nash (Top collegiate and TEAM USA coach). I worked closely along side in a start up cheerleading company with Mitch Budlong, captain of TEAM USA’s coed cheerleading team. I was lucky enough to study under Jonny Kest, who is my favorite yoga teacher and in charge of running Lifetime’s entire YTT program for the United States. People fly across the US to study him for a week or two or to write “Jonny-ism” notebooks and I’m lucky enough to grow up in an area where I can practice and learn from him on a daily basis. Why am I telling you all of this? I have found that all of these incredibly successful people have common similarities and life lessons that I believe are key to success. None of these humans just live- they are the BEST at what they do and it’s not by mistake. I have studied, worked, and/or been coached by these individuals and they are absolutely brilliant. They have all influenced me in different avenues, but they all come back to the similar lessons. I want to share it with you for the new year, so maybe this year you can take yourself to the next level if you aren’t quite feeling your absolute best. All of these people have influenced me to where I am today. I never settle for average, and I never will. You don’t have to be a cheerleader, yogi, or entrepreneur to learn from these legends.

Here’s how to take yourself from mediocrity to greatness, from basic to badass:

1. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL- people best at they do, NOTICE everything. If you missed one little crevice while cleaning, Bernie would notice. In cheerleading, if someone’s pinky finger was off, we would redo until however long it took us to get it right. I remember in yoga teacher training, we were practicing cueing breath, movement, drishti, and someone said “fingers” instead of thumbs as a point of drishti and Jonny went off, not because he was angry but because attention to detail matters and he wanted us to learn properly. He easily could have let fingers replace thumbs. Susan Wood always told us that winning a championship, is like a race for the details. The team to clean up the most details would win. Notice, pay attention, and observe the smallest details because those are the ones that will make the most impact.

2. DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK ABOUT YOU- All of these successful beings have absolutely no filter and that is what I love about all of them. If you’re living in a way that is guarded and not your true self, you’re holding out on what you actually have to offer. Jonny will hold you in a pose for ten minutes without even thinking twice… other teachers wouldn’t know how to fill the space, but he literally has no awkward filter which is why he is next level.

3. PRACTICE LIKE SOMEONE IS ALWAYS WATCHING- Whatever your skill, you probably do it a bit better if there is an audience. Have you ever had someone you’re trying to impress watch and your skills sky rocket? Instead of being a performer half of the time, have the mentality that someone is ALWAYS watching. I know these beings, practice the same, if not better, regardless who is there. My dad wakes up everyday at 6 am to be in the store by himself doing his thing. Jonny Kest has practiced ashtanga yoga every single morning to the best of his ability for the past twenty years regardless of who is practicing next to him.

4. ALL YOU HAVE IS OFFENCE- You can not control your external surroundings. The only thing that you can control is the way in which you react to the external or how you present yourself and move forward in life. We have every control of what we do with our time and our bodies and minds, but we have no control over what another coworker will bring to the table, an ex girlfriend may bring to your current lover, or what a competitor company will invent next. All we have are ourselves to do the best that we can. So be your best. Every. Damn. Day. There’s no such thing as defense in life. Tony Nash will always say, “if we hit, we win.” If we lose, it’s because we did not do our best. My dad or Jonny Kest encourage competition because they are confident that what they have to bring to the table in their area of business is the best of the best. Stop worrying about others and do you! You will attract whatever you give off.

5. DO NOT HOLD BACK- No one ever accomplished anything by being shy. I always say this, but ‘you never try, you never know.’ Believe in yourself and what you’re capable of. Sometimes (or a lot of times) that means throwing yourself out there to do so. Typically people who think they’re crazy enough to change the world, are the ones that actually do. Be the first one to volunteer or take up a new challenge. If you fail, who cares! We usually have to fail before we succeed anyway! Remember that everyone is HUMAN and no one is perfect, so yes do not hold back. Take every risk and drop every fear.

These are 5 things that I truly love to live by! I hope this encourages you to continue being extraordinary this year! Look people in the eyes, be nice to all beings! Believe in your breath, believe in your body, because your capabilities are endless.

- Shan girl

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