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Kisses are not Contracts

So many of you have asked me how I am dealing with life after being broken up with a guy (that was deported from the country that I chose to move to) that I basically quit my life to be with and travel the world with. It feels like ages ago, almost a different lifetime since that happened, but every now and then I do find myself looking back at what could've been or just intrigued by how much has changed since then. I'm grateful for every experience and everyone that has been in my life because I feel like everything that I've been through has taught me something. Without him, I probably wouldn't be in Australia or traveleing the world at this moment. Although it was on my bucket list, I probably wouldn't have been here this soon. Without him, I wouldn't have loved my body so much or all the beings surrounding it. I wouldn't have been introduced to some of my best friends here in Melbourne. I'm thankful for each ridiculous moment we had together, and also even more thankful that I am here on my own now. I wouldn't have experienced half of what I have now if I was sharing this with someone else. At this point, I have met so many different people from all over the world who I've loved and they've loved me in a different way than I've ever known. Kisses are not contracts and some men may just be sent to your life as a gift of fun or intamacy or adventure or spontaniety or wisdom. Whatever it is, don't look too much into it, don't over think, definitely don't let him consume your thoughts, just be grateful for every experience and every encounter you come across for everything has something to teach you.

I've been reading the book Balilicious by Becky Wicks (read it if you're interested in traveling!) and one paragraph summed up basically how I've felt the whole time.

"I know now that this mental ride we all climb aboard unprepared for is not jut about a career, or finding a man to be our eternal Valentine. Western society may try to tell us that these are the important things in life, but I think I can vouch for the fact they they're not, even though we might look and act the fool at times in our ongoing quest to prove otherwise. This mad ride is more about making yourself a better person so that you attract the right people into your life. Ultimately, you're a candle adjusting your flame so the right moths flutter into your light. It's about being good and thinking of others. You're a firework waiting to amke the rowd go "oohhh", but before you can really jazz up the world you ahve to go back to the source. You have to find what inspires you to shine the brightest, so even more people can be warmed by your light."

This is what life is about. Everything else to me are experiences along the way.

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